Social meeting on Google Meets

 Short video of Lolland – Falster (sightseeing in the region)

Danish Kahoot with 20 questions about our traditions, culture, food, etc.

A “Skål” to a good project 😊

What is depression? - Presentation from Danish students 

 Guest speaker - Ida (biology-teacher) - Physiological view on depression

Guest speaker - case – real story from Headspace

Guest speaker from Headspace – office member – working with teenage depression

Guest speaker - female adult

Discussions in international groups: “What have we learned today and how can we use

our new knowledge in our work tomorrow?”

Workshops in international groups.

 Group 1 and 2 are mixed -> Group A and B.

Group 3 and 4 are mixed -> Group C and D

Group 5 and 6 are mixed -> Group E and F

 Now the new six groups work on the final task:

 A and B:

Task 1: Write a 1-2 page article with a journalistic touch to the school website and the local newspaper 

C and D:

Task 2: Make a poster with the final suggestion for best policy for the school OR for the individual class OR for general advertising -> make 10 best suggestions for the school strategy (guidelines – what to do?). 

E and F:

Task 3: Make a short video presentation, a poster or write an article about the European differences in depression among students. Are students depressed? Why are there differences between the countries?

Corona-song from Danish teachers


Presentation of final work: Posters, guidelines and articles from each group.