Visiting the Palace of Science and Culture – a view from the top (Viewing Terrace - XXX Floor).

  • PKiN is Poland's tallest building, with its 44 floors. On the 30th floor (a.k.a. XXX Floor), there is the View Terrace at the level of 114 m above ground.
  • PKiN fits 3,288 rooms.
  • It was intended as "Gift of Soviet Nations for the Polish Nation".
  • Joseph Stalin was the originator of the concept of erecting such a palace at the very heart of Warsaw.
  • Its designer, Lev Rudnev wanted the building to feature Polish details and, together with a team of Soviet architects, travelled to historic cities across Poland to learn about the national style.
  • Rudnev and his team prepared five plans and Poles choose the winning one which was supposed to have 120 meters in height. However, ambitions grew and finally a taller building was erected.
  • Approximately 3,500 Russians worked at the construction site – they stayed in a dedicated residential estate which was developed specially for them and featured a cinema theatre, a canteen, a cultural complex and a swimming pool.
  • On 2000/2001 New Year's Eve, a clock was kicked off at the top of PKiN – it is the second biggest clock in Europe and has four dials, each 6 meters in diameter.