Articles, Dissemination and Follow-up Activities

Articles, Dissemination and Follow-up Activities

My experience with Erasmus+ program 

In December of 2019, long before covid-19 was a thing and we still traveled. Me, two of my classmates and two teachers from my school went to Poland with Erasmus. 

The program was partly cultural exchange and an innovative work week about smog and how we can take responsibility. There were 3-4 students from each country and around 70 students from Poland.

The first day; It was a big mix of different cultures, nervous looks and a lot of names. Some people were good at English other struggled to find the words, but we all managed to figure out where to eat lunch, what time it was and how old we were.

The Polish students welcomed us with open arms and a lot of cake. Each class had baked a lot of national and local cakes. The area the school was located in is famous for its apples so of course there was apple-pie. Oda my host lived in a 2-bedroom apartment with her mom, dad and little brother, and I got to say her mom’s apple-pie was the best I have ever tasted. 


First Day (2nd December)

 The first day of the meeting was spent with tours of the hosting school, so the guests could get familiar with the place they were going to work on for the week of the visit. Apart from the tour, each country presented the work they had done on the presentation of each school and country, so that everyone would introduce themselves to the rest of the team. In parallel, some students that had prepared on the topic presented their work on the issue that the visit was based on: smog. Later in the afternoon, we visited the local Town Council, where we talked with the politicians responsible for the environment and the Mayor himself. This visit helped us understand the dimensions of the problem of smog in Poland and the exact measures taken against it. 

 Second Day (3rd December)

   The second day we visited the historic capital of Poland: Warsaw. Specifically, we toured mainly the old part of the town, seeing the most important landmarks, learning the rich history of the city, guided by a professional. Later, we visited Copernicus Science Centre, where we had plenty of time to gaze at the miraculous science and chemical experiments displayed there. To close the day, we watched the history of space exploration in the Planetarium of the Centre. 

 Third Day (4th December) 

  Οn Wednesday we visited Warsaw again, but this time we saw different places. The first visit was to the University of Technology, where we met with a professor and a student of the university and took lectures on the air quality of Warsaw and Krakow, on why Poland is facing a problem, what are the factors behind it, and also some possible solutions to it. After the lecture, we toured the main part of the city and stopped at the Uprising Museum, where we learned the modern history of the country, like the catastrophic consequences of World War II and how Poland managed to get back on its feet. 

Fourth Day (5th December)

   On Thursday, we had some workshops in mixed groups, mainly about smog. Specifically, we learned how to use an anti-dust device by two professionals. We also assembled a home-made device which measures the level of smog in the area. Finally, in our last workshop we installed some devices in order to join the global smog measuring system. In the evening, after a long day with our hard morning work, we were rewarded by a spectacular talent night which was organized by the Polish teachers and students. Many talents appeared and it was a pleasure to have the ability to watch them.

Fifth Day (6th December)

   On the last day, Friday, we made a workshop about the reflections of the week. We created a lot of posters about smog and we went to a street column, we put glue all over it and sticked them on it in order to give a message to the people and to make them realise how serious the situation of smog is.


Our adventure began even before we set foot in Poland.  It was the beginning of the school year when all of us, some in different classes, learnt of the possibility of being able to participate in the Erasmus + project.  For some of us it was not easy to decide to take part in it, surely we were all excited to be able to live, even if only for a week, in another state, to know its culture and people from different states but, even if we were really excited, we were also scared and unsure.  Fortunately, we did not let ourselves be beaten by these insecurities and we decided to take this opportunity, especially some of us who is attending the last year of high school.  Even before knowing that we would be the first to leave for Poland, we worked on a multitude of works to be presented later there.  When we finally discovered our 1stmobility we were excited, especially due to the fact that we will be leaving in a month. Meanwhile, we worked together on the workshops to present there, starting to establish a wonderful bond that would then grow even more.  Then the day arrived, 1st December 2019, we were at the airport to start our adventure.  Arriving in Poland we were excited and eager to meet the girls who would host us and with whom, until the day before, we had the opportunity to "talk virtually".  After meeting the girls, anxiety and nervousness had disappeared and we enjoyed the best this week; we spent most of the time at school, working at many workshops, meeting specialists from the Dust Air Company, who taught us how to create and use tools to calculate the level of air pollution.  Obviously, even at school, moments of leisure are not missed and between tastings of cakes and food prepared by the students, talent shows, and even moments spent together in the canteen, we linked incredibly with all the other boys participating in Erasmus, creating a united group.  Obviously, there were visits to the city of Grójec, where we had the honour to meet the Mayor, and above all we had the pleasure of visiting the city of Warsaw for two days, learning its beauty and its sad history, during the bombings of the Second World War.  There we visited the Old Town of the city, the Copernicus Science Centre, the Planetarium, we had the opportunity to lecture at the Warsaw University of Technology and then visit the Palace of Science and Culture, to dive into healthy shopping for then go deeper into the history of Warsaw and Poland, thanks to the visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum.  Thanks to all these experiences, time has practically flown, reaching the end of this fantastic adventure that has left us unforgettable memories and emotions, that the five of us will share and cherish forever, laughing over embarrassing moments lived together and hoping one day to be able to go back to relive everything.

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