Activities during the visit

Activities during the visit

A lecture and workshops at Warsaw University of Technology.

The lecture on SMOG and a way of measuring air quality (so called Warsaw Air Index) was given by prof. Artur Jerzy Badyda. He was helped by Dominika Much, who ran workshops on how to interpret the results of air quality measuring devices and applications.

The presentation was was rich in the information about air pollutants emission sources, indoor air quality, suspended particles, global health effects, air pollution as a health risk factor, what can be done to deal with the problem and about Warsaw Air Quality Index.

At Copernicus, with around 400 exhibits within permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as a workshop space, and two theatres – the High Voltage Theatre and the Robotic Theatre, the Erasmus+ team were looking for opportunities to carry out experiments on air quality measurements and chemical particles. 


The visit to the Old Town in Warsaw included a guided tour. Learning about the history of Poland as well as the history of its capital was a rich cultural experience. The places visited by the students were as follows: Warsaw Uprising Museum, Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, Royal Castle and historic manor-houses.

The meeting with the Starost and Mayor at the Town Council in Grójec was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the town an region.

The project participants could learn about what is being done in Grójec itself as well as the whole region with a view to improving the air quality. They were also informed how to apply for subsidies to buy a new boiler, what materials to use while heating a house, what projects are being run to deal with SMOG problem locally, etc.

The presentations on SMOG in each country proved that the problem has to be dealt with not only on a national level but also an international one. 

The presentations included the answers to the following questions:

1.    What is SMOG and how serious is it in your country and local area?

2.    What are its causes?

3.    How does it affect people and the environment?

4.    What is done to prevent it? What is the policy of the government towards SMOG and related environment issues?

5. What has been done Internationally / Nationally / Locally to solve the problem of SMOG 


Food Treat - a special treat to the guests: homemade Christmas cakes prepared by Polish students themselves. Yummy!

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