Four students and two teachers of the Pare Vitòria High School flew to Grójec (Poland), the 30th of November of 2019, in order to take part in the Erasmus+KA229 project.

It was a long awaited date for us, because we wanted to have new experiences, to learn about increasing problems as smog and Polish culture, to get more fluent in English and to socialize with other people.

The smog is a crucial problem nowadays and we weren’t as aware as we are now. First, we attended the presentations of other countries, in which other students of different places, showed facts about the smog problem and ways to solve it. Also, we met and asked the Mayor and Governor, who explained facts of the problem in Poland and Grójec. Moreover, we went to a lecture, where the professor Artur Bryda provided us with details about smog and air quality, and how to measure them. Finally, they assembled an Anti-dust device in a workshop.

In conclusion, from my point of view, I think that the trip was very enriching and rewarding for everyone involved in the project.





I am Gerard Dueñas, from Spain and I am going to share my group opinion about this Erasmus experience and why we recommend these type of projects.

First of all, I want to talk about the trip project; improve our knowledge about the smog and how to fight it. We worked together in different workshops and we learnt as a group. It was satisfying to listen and talk with people from all over Europe.

During the week, we shared information and culture with the other students, we visited different iconic places from Poland and we enjoyed learning different cultures from students like us. We had been in the historical center of Warsaw and we tasted traditional dishes there. Also, we visited different museums and expositions about the Polish history and science projects. Talking about our accommodation, we stayed in our hosts houses, meeting their families and living like them during a week. It was really funny to meet their friends and their city, Grójec and to adapt our timetables to theirs.

I think, this project changed our minds because we lived with different cultures and we learned many things about the environment care and the daily lives of other students from other countries.



Smog is a mixture of smoke, gases, and chemicals, especially in cities, that makes the atmosphere difficult to breathe and harmful for health. The main causes of smog are using coal as a fuel, vehicular and industrial emissions and natural causes. ​The ways to solve the problem are purchase renewable energy, reducing and managing vehicular and industrial emissions, increasing energy efficiency and conserving energy, use of environmentally friendly consumer products and smog detection and monitoring systems. The countries participating in this project are ordered from highest to lowest pollution as follows: Poland, Greece, Italy, Denmark and Spain.  

We did different workshops during our stay such as: lecture on smog and measuring air quality at Warsaw University of Technology, learning to use DUST AIR device with Mateusz Dulewski from Syngeos, working out ideas on how to prevent SMOG and assembling a home-made device used to measure the level of smog and installing devices, joining the global smog measuring system with Emilia Piotrowska and Wojciech Sanko from Warsaw smog Alarm.



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