Below is an article written by students from Grojec on the issues related to THE LACK OF SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR TOWN OR REGION OR THEIR HERITAGE. Readers can find answers to the following questions:

1.     Is the lack of sufficient knowledge about your town or region a serious problem?

2.     What are its causes and how is the knowledge about your local area increased? Are there any local writers, knowledge contests, awareness-raising events?

3.     How important do you think it is to have sufficient knowledge about your town or region or their heritage?



In the era of the Internet, there are many opportunities to get to know your region. In the case of Grójec, information can be found on the county, municipality or city websites. Schools also often publish the elements on their website concerning Grójec, as well as people associated with it.

Our city has a long history that dates back to around 1419 when our city was granted city rights. Later mentions concern the times of the Swedish Surge, the Russian partitions, both world wars and the post-war period.

Since 1993, there has been a competition of knowledge about Grójec and its surroundings. It is one of the ways to raise awareness about our region. While preparing for the contest, you can learn about many fascinating characters, historical events that have occurred in the past.

Competitions in individual editions concern various topics in which the knowledge of students attending primary schools is checked. The Municipal Public Library in Grójec has already organized over 25 editions of the competition, covering such topics as the life and activities of important personalities, the activities of the POW organization, the daily life of Grójec landowners, regaining independence and what it was like in our region, the January Uprising and many other important topics. Students could get to know the profiles of outstanding individuals from our region, such as Piotr Skarga - writer, Jesuit, confessor and counsellor of King Zygmunt III.

I believe that promoting and cultivating historical knowledge among young people, giving them the love for the history of the region positively influences their knowledge of their homeland, and counteracts the lack of sufficient knowledge about the city of their residence. This is a very important initiative that broadens the historical knowledge of the region and includes fair competition.

There are several artists from the vicinity of Grójec who actively spread knowledge about the region. One of the local artists is the poet Kazimierz Kochański, who often promotes our city. Many of his works refer to the region from which he comes. Another local artist is the writer and historian Remigiusz Matyjas. He has written many works referring to Grójec, and the latest one is the book "Confessions of Town Hall Spirits", which was created on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of obtaining the city rights by Grójec.

Although there are many ways to increase knowledge about Grójec and its surrounding area, unfortunately, many people still know very little it. They are not only teenagers but also, for example, people in their thirties. This is mainly due to the fact that nowadays people are less interested in the history of their region. People, not just the younger generation, spend a lot of time browsing social media these days, where there are not many historical articles. To gain such knowledge you need to look at the right sources, which many people do not want to do. They prefer to watch a film, a TV series on the Internet rather than read about their region.

Beyond a shadow of doubt having sufficient knowledge about your town or region and their heritage is crucial. As citizens, it is our responsibility to learn about our homeland. It truly reflects how much we care about it. Moreover, acquiring knowledge regarding our heritage can help us develop our national identity as well as comprehend the history and traditions of our ancestors. It might even make us look at certain things from a different perspective or broaden our minds. This knowledge often has a major impact on our lives and is useful in various situations. Therefore, we should raise awareness about this topic and emphasize its importance.


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