Activities during the visit


C3 Meeting in Kos GREECE
Date Day Time Activity
11/07/2021 Sunday   Arrivals
      Icebreaking Activities
12/07/2021 Monday 10.00 Meeting at School
    10.00-10.30 Tour of the school
    10.30-11.30 Presentation1 - Presentation of each School, country, culture
    11.30-12.00 Coffee break
    12.00-13.30 Workshop1 - Workshop about high and low culture, every student (and teacher) writes in a piece of paper (the Italians can make notes on a ewhiteboard) their answers about the following questions:
What is culture for you?
What is art for you?
When we say we have or we don't have the same culture what means for you?
What do you consider as high culture (art)?
What do you consider as low culture (art)?
Give an example of low culture that becomes high and vice versa
Presenting/discussing the results, finding differences, similarities
    13.30-14.00 Drive to Labrada Hotel
    14.00-18.30 Swimming pool, lunch and barbeque offered
    18.30-19.00 Parents collect students. Free time
    21.00-22.00 students with families
13/07/2021 Tuesday 08.00 Meeting at School
      Study visit to Nisyros Island as a cultural activity (Monastery, small Island)
    08.00-09.00 Transportation to Kardamena
    9.00-10.30 Boat to Nysiros
    10.30-13.00 Visiting the Active Volcano
    13.00-14.00 Visiting the Monastery
    14.00-15.30 Lunch in Nisiros
    15.30-17.00 Some free time
    17.00-19.30 Return to Kos boat to Kardamena and then bus to Kos town
    19.30-22.00 Free time
14/07/2021 Wednesday 10.00 Meeting at School
    10.00-11.00 Workshop2a
We will Create Mixed international groups.
Each group will choose one of the following:
1. Baroque
2. Renaissance
3. Literature/Poetry
4. Classical era
This is a contnuation of our Virtual meeting and products created and presented already
Students in each group will brainstorm in order to decide what kind of product to prepare about the influence of the theme they have chosen to our common European culture:
The product can be: an article, a poem (in English), a theatrical play, a poster, an image, painting, kahoot game, quiz, movie (with tablets, phones), whatever....
    11.00-11.30 Coffee break
    11.30-14.00 Workshop2b - Finishing off the product and presenting to all.
    14.00-16.00 Lunch
    16.00-18.00 Free time
    18.00-20.00 Guided tour at Asklipieion Cultural Activity related to task5
    20.00-21.30 Free time
15/07/2021 Thursday 09.00 Meeting at Municipality for atnigen test
    09.00-10.00 antigen test
    10.00-11.00 Workshop3 Closing the project. Reflection. Evaluation.
      Kos Island-Study Visit
    11.00-12.00 Transportation to Mastihari beach
    12.00-17.00 swim and lunch
    17.00-19.00 Tigaki for coffee
    19.00-19.30 Return to Kos
    19.30-20.00 Parents collect students.
16/07/2021 Friday   Departure Day

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