Articles, Dissemination and Follow-up Activities

“As far I am concerned it's a useful experience. some situations require indirect contact via the Internet. Working in a group of about a dozen of people is certainly not easy. I am glad that I can participate in it, because I am sure this skill and experience would help me in the future. “ – Milena

 “I was responsible for comparing the ways and methods of dealing with teenage depression in schools in Poland and Italy. I also helped in exterior design of the presentation, such as looking up pictures and formatting texts so they looked more appealing and easier to read. Our team communicated using WhatsApp. Communication was mostly successful. This experience was extremely useful to me, it helped me to understand that team projects are not always going to be happening the way I would envision them to, I need to be prepared for things going wrong and try and find a way around to finish the project and avoid chaos and misunderstanding in the team. This experience also helped me with my ability to explain my ideas” - Zofia

 “I and others split the questions, we combined them into one article and sent to a girl from Italy who made a presentation. I  was responsible for describing the situation at the school, society and the mental health of Polish people during the pandemic. We had no problems with the communication. I think it was a useful experience because I found out how the pandemic affected other countries.” - Katarzyna

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