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The high school is located in Alcoy, province of Alicante. Our town has 60000 inhabitants. Alcoy is a city with a valuable historical, architectural, archaeological and industrial heritage. Historically, it was a city with special relevance in the Industrial Revolution, especially in the textile sector, but also in the metallurgical and paper industry.

The Secondary Education high school "Pare Vitoria" was founded in 1929, becoming the second high school created in the province of Alicante.  Our school is a public institution which has around 700 students and 74 teachers.

We are an educational institution committed to the quality of education, in which we develop programmes for students with special educational needs and also for students with high capacities. We have also belonged to the network of UNESCO centers since 2004. Issues such as respect for human rights, eradication of poverty, collaboration among nations,sustainable development and dialogue between cultures permeate the daily teaching practice.

Our center has a long history in the implementation of new models and educational tools aimed at improving the different skills of our students.

In 2015, it was decided  to use digital contents in the first cycle of secondary school with the aim of enhancing learning through new technologies, so that students acquire skills in an active and collaborative way through different digital tools. Therefore, the use of the tablet was introduced to replace the textbook in this cycle. This has allowed us to open a range of possibilities to explore in terms of the teaching and learning process.

Another of the strategic lines that defines our center is multilingualism.  The center's effort to promote the learning of English and French has been made evident through various school exchanges. The center's teaching staff has shown a continuous interest in updating their linguistic competence.

In fact, a high percentage of the members has been training to increase their knowledge of English. Thanks to this, the students have been able to carry out research projects using English as one of the vehicular languages.

Finally, another structural change that began in 2011 is the constitution of a team composed of students and teachers, in order to improve coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflicts in the center.

In summary, we can affirm that our educational community has already carried out a large number of projects and activities that are in line with the goals of Erasmus +. These actions enhance multilingualism, pedagogical renewal, the establishment of the community and the improvement of interpersonal relationships inside and outside the classroom.

Although we participate and innovate in different educative fields,we aim at achieving a broader experience in involving our students in the social community, carrying out projects that can benefit other citizens or the city itself. This KA-229 project contains the elements that may help us integrate our work in the high school with relevant issues such as promoting active citizenship and developing early entrepeneurship among our students. The international collaboration will let us tackle different areas of work (pollution, good practices in the field of new technologies, adolescent depression and preservation and dissemination of culture). As all the countries involved pursue the same objectives, the collaborative work will lead to a number of activities from different perspectives that can help us to broaden our vision.


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