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Workshops for students – working out ideas on how to prevent SMOG HOW TO PREVENT SMOG.

Read more to find out about the students' ideas.



How to prevent smog?

·     We should go to work/ school by bike, public transport or go on foot.

·     People should change their furnaces to more eco ones.

·     Children in schools should be taught about danger of smog.

·     We shouldn’t burn plastic and rubbish.

·     We should plant more trees.

·     We should avoid the use of lacquers and other types of gas.

·     We should organise campaigns to make people aware of how dangerous smog is for them.·     We shouldn’t use chimneys as coal goes into the air and contaminates it.




How to prevent SMOG?

·      Raise awareness / environmental education

·     Recognise the fact that the problem of SMOG is a problem that affects (or will later affect) the whole world 

·     Follow the Netherlands’ example of going a full day without using cars and motorcycles. 

·     Impose tax on petroleum and firewood

·      Improve public transport system

·     Make public transport system tickets more affordable everywhere around the world

·     Promotion of other types of mobility

·      Use of electric / hybrid cars 

·     Drive less ( Walk, bike, carpool, use public means of transport )

·     Create infrastructure for bicycles and charging stations for electric cars 

·     Take care of cars ( regular tune-ups , changing oil on schedule, inflating tires to the proper level )

·      Install efficient chimney filters

·      Introduce new, clean industrial technologies 

·     Creation of green areas around town

·      Install solar panels 


·      Avoid gas-powered yard equipment, such as lawn mowers.Use electric appliances instead.




1. Minimize air pollution from cars.

2. Walk, bike or use public transportation.

3. Save energy.

4. Maintain your wood stove or fireplace.

5. Recycle & buy recycled products.

6. Consume less & choose sustainable products.

7. Eat local, organic produce & less meat.

8. Grow your own food.

9. Plant trees.

10. Raise awareness – environmental education at schools.

11. Free public transport days.


1. Keep air-purifying indoor plants.

2. Use natural products.

3. Do not smoke indoors.

4. Keep indoor humidity low.

5. Clean dust.

6. Use air purifiers. 



What can we do to prevent SMOG?

·      Walk or ride your bike to school

Try walking, biking or taking public transport instead of driving. Car exhaust is one of the main reasons of air pollution.

Don't ask to be driven places if it's not really necessary. Walk or ride your bicycle. Invite your parents along. It's great exercise. Exhaust emissions from cars, trucks and buses are what cause a lot of our smog. The more vehicles we can keep off the roads, the better our air will be.

·     Save energy

Switch off devices, lights and fans when you are going out. A large number of fossing fuels is burnt to produce electricity. The less energy you consume at  home, the less polutants are released into the atmosphere. 

·     Buy local

When you buy products that are made locally, it cuts down on the cos of transport chich reduces emissions.

·     Avoid high VOC products

The use of household products that have high levels of volatile organic compounds should be completely avoided. These products not only release hazardous materials into the atmosphere but also emit particulate matter that reacts in the presence of sunlight to form ground-level ozone. The use of environmentally friendly consumer products such as eco-friendly paints, paper, sprays, solvents and plastics therefore provides a basis for addressing smog pollution.

·     Take care of cars. 

Getting regular tune-ups, changing oil on schedule, and inflating tires to the proper level can improve gas mileage and reduce emissions.

Fuel up during the cooler hours of the day—night or early morning. This prevents gas fumes from heating up and producing ozone.

Idea for the future – dance for electricity

In times of climate change and dwindling resources, energy conservation and alternative and renewable forms of energy are ta king on an ever greater role.

Maybe one day In music clubs there will be made an interactive floor. It could power a generator wchich transforms the dancers’ kinetic energy into electricity.

 What can be done In the cities?

·     Free public transport

There should be free transport few times a week. Maybe it would encourage more people to use less harming type of transport.

·     More cities should have bike rental or scooters powered by the solar energy. 



How do you prevent SMOG?

The way individual people can prevent SMOG, is by using green energy. One way to do this is by instead of burning coal, you can use wood. Wood is not the best solution, but it’s a lot better than coal. Another way you as an individual can prevent SMOG, is if you walk/run/cycle to work/school. A lot of people underestimate the difference cycle to work can do for SMOG + it’s good for you.

How can your country prevent SMOG?

All the countries that are in this Erasmus program are a part of EU. In EU they decide how much money all of the countries should spent on the different “programs”, e.g. you have to spend at least 2% of your BNP on the military. If we want the whole world to have a better climate, we have to get the EU to change. 


We can all help by cycling or walking to work, but if we want to see a change, we have to get the EU to step up their game.



Our Ideas to prevent the SMOG

1.    One idea would be to create a fund in order to treat smog thanks to the punishments on people that:

-      People who burn wastes, coal and other solid fuels that don’t adjust to the requirements.

-      People whose vehicles exceed the standards for exhaust emission.

-      Industries which won’t have filters on their chimneys, and the exhaust fumes they emit exceed the acceptable standards.

2.    Another idea to solve the smog problem would be to implement a generally known system which purpose would be to inform people about the quality of air, giving people masks, lectures to make people of all ages aware of the smog problem and advices to face it. 

3.    The last idea would be to make more and bigger green zones.




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