Below is an article written by students from Grojec on the issues related to THE LACK OF SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR TOWN OR REGION OR THEIR HERITAGE. Readers can find answers to the following questions:

1.     Is the lack of sufficient knowledge about your town or region a serious problem?

2.     What are its causes and how is the knowledge about your local area increased? Are there any local writers, knowledge contests, awareness-raising events?

3.     How important do you think it is to have sufficient knowledge about your town or region or their heritage?


Today, the Hippocratic oath is still used in medicine, as it is extremely valuable collection of medical ethics and morals, which are as important today, as they were in Ancient Greece. In Ancient Greece (Hellada) it was used as a binding covenant. However, now it is used as a promise to uphold the art of medicine, act in patients’ interests, to treat the life of the patient to the best of one's ability and to preserve patients’ privacy.  The modern version of Hippocratic oath is used in medical universities, where University adepts recite it and promise to uphold it as they obtain their diploma. 

Meet a local artist from Grojec who broke the Guinness World Record drawing the largest mural in pencil.

Interview with a local artist from Grojec, Poland

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This is how some students spend their lockdown.

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