Mass vs High Culture

Mass vs High Culture

“I am glad I took part in Erasmus+ project and visited Kos island. During these 6 days I managed to make friends with plenty of people and I know that it will be friendships for the rest of my life.

The Greeks showed me their culture and traditions - during a regular trip to Kos, even the best guide wouldn’t show us this island in this way. They told us loads of interesting facts and helped us discover the best places in the town - many of these places we wouldn’t have come to if we were just ordinary tourists. Living among the Greeks for a few days made me, unintentionally, take over their habits, lifestyle and understand their way of perceiving the world. I also got to know their endless hospitality while living with Sevi. Her family turned out to be very generous and kind, and their wish to make our stay more pleasant exceeded my expectations. It was also a week full of delicious and new flavors such as souvlaki, moussaka and baklava.
Our stay was not only focused on sightseeing, for example Asclepieon or the active volcano on the island of Nisyros, but also on work, mainly in groups. I rate it very well. It helped me to develop my English. In school conditions, it wouldn’t be possible. I noticed that after a few days I started to be more confident with using a foreign language and even, out of habit, think in English.
I am glad that I had the chance to participate in the project. I already miss Kos and wish the visit had been longer. I encourage anyone to participate in the project, even those who have any doubts to take part in Erasmus+. This is the best example of how to combine fun, studying and learning about new cultures.”


“The trip to Greece will definitely be an unforgettable adventure for me and I will come back to it more than once in my memories. During my short stay on the island, I managed to get acquainted with the unique Greek culture. I had the opportunity to see not only architecture and art, but also try traditional Greek dishes such as souvlaki, moussaka or Greek salad. The Erasmus + project may seem to many just work on different topics, but there is also time to have a rest. The project gave me an opportunity to learn about new cultures, languages ​​and, above all, to make international friendships with wonderful people. The Greeks as a nation are very hospitable, which I managed to experience during my stay with Sevi, a wonderful Greek girl who, together with her parents, made me feel at home thanks to her hospitality. After spending days in Kos, I noticed great improvement in my English, I became more confident and public speaking is no longer a problem to me. I believe that everyone should take part in an Erasmus+ project because it offers a unique opportunity to practise English skills and gain new experience.” Adrianna


„The Erasmus + project is one of the best things which I have experienced at school. It is a very good time to meet new people and also to practise the English language. Workshops at school help to develop our knowledge and meetings after school develop our social contacts. We also have an opportunity to get to know a different culture and learn about how people live in other countries. In addition, we can see beautiful places that we will not experience in Poland. In conclusion, I can strongly recommend taking part in the project. In return for the participation, we get many memories and friendships that remain for the rest of our lives.” Szymon


“These five days passed very quickly, and I so wish they had lasted way longer – Kos Island is very charming and captivating, I wish I could get the chance to go there another time. I learnt many things in this project – both about its main topic, mainly high and mass culture, as well as about the culture and language of Greece and Greek people. Thank you very much Athanasia for taking care of me, being my host and telling me a lot about your country!” Zofia



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