Activities during the visit

Activities during the visit

A tour round Grójec included visiting St Nicolas's Church, Town Square, Town Hall and a mural in pencil registered in the Guinness World Record Book.



SMOG ALERT CAMPAIGN – distributing leaflets to the local community. 

The students ran an informative campaign. The leaflets and posters were made by the students during workshops.

Workshops for students – assembling a home-made device used to measure the level of SMOG and installing devices, joining in the global SMOG measuring system. The workshops were run by Emilia Piotrowska and Wojciech Sanko from Warsaw SMOG Alarm.

Workshops for students – working out ideas on how to prevent SMOG HOW TO PREVENT SMOG.

Read more to find out about the students' ideas.

The visit in Poland saw an enjoyable integration evening - TALENT NIGHT.

Lots of fun, a special treat, home-made food, was prepared by Polish students. Talent Night was attended by Santa Claus and his team of helpers. During the integration evening everyone could present their talents. The audience could admire gifted singers, piano players, dancers, entertainers, sportsmen, etc.

By the end of the evening a group of Polish scouts engaged everyone in a few dances.

Unforgettable memories guaranteed! 


The project participants were actively involved in learning to use DUST AIR device - personal air controller, designed and developed by scientists from Central Mining Institute (Główny Instytyt Górnctwa) in Katowice, Poland ( The workshops were run by Karol Magiera and Filip Wasilewski from GIG. 

The dust meter is a small device that measures in real time and informs the user about the air quality in a given place, and at the right moment alerts about the need for preventive measures. The application gives a full picture of the pollutants that the user was exposed to throughout the day, by measuring and indicating the following parameters: PM1 PM2.5 PM10, air temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. Based on this data, the IAQ indicator is determined.


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