Articles, Dissemination and Follow-up Activities

Articles, Dissemination and Follow-up Activities


On the last day of the mobility in Spain, our local radio, la cadena SER, interviewed all the teachers and students participating in the project. Italian and Greek participants who were not able to attend the meeting because of COVID restrictions, attended the interview online. This interview was broadcast on the same day, and it is available on the radio website.

„In Spain, I was hosted at Atenea's house. During my stay, I had a nice time there, and everyone made sure that I felt like at my own home. Every day I had an opportunity to try typical Spanish dishes and learn many things about Spain, its traditions and habits. Everyone was very nice to me and made sure that I did not miss anything and that I felt comfortable. During my stay in Spain, I had the opportunity to visit Alcoy and Valencia and also learn a lot of interesting information about these places. We saw many interesting and important buildings there, such as El Molinar and the Cathedral in Valencia. Specially, I liked the visit in the L'Oceanogràfic. In addition, we had the opportunity to participate in a lecture from which I learned new things about technology and virtual reality. The biggest advantage of the whole trip, however, was an ability to break the language barrier and practise my English. During these five days, I managed to significantly improve my English speaking skills. Oliwia

“Within 6 days which I spent with Gerard’s family, I didn’t have any problems and I didn’t feel uncomfortable. They were very open and kind, always helpful. They always gave us a lift to any place in order not to make us walk or take a bus. The atmosphere was great. The parents knew English very well so I could also improve English at home talking to them. I noticed that at the end of the week I was more open and I could speak more fluently in English without any pauses to look for an appropriate word. I learnt a lot about Spanish culture during the stay. I tasted their traditional food and could observe their Spanish habits.” Oliwier

“My Erasmus + trip to Spain was the best thing that happened to me. Emma - a Spanish woman with whom I lived is a nice, cordial, helpful girl. You can tell her about anything. Thanks to her and her family, I felt at home in Spain. I met a lot of new wonderful people there, practised my English skills, visited cities such as Valencia, Alcoy. I had a wonderful time, learned a few basic words in Spanish and tried popular Spanish dishes such as couscous. In Spain, a shock to me was eating my last meal late or the mountainous terrain surrounding the town where I lived. I recommend to all those who like challenges to take part in the Erasmus+ project. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fact that I was able to participate in this trip. I will miss the atmosphere in Spain and the open people I had the pleasure to meet.” Anna

“My host was Pol Requena, and I don't think I could have chosen better. Throughout my stay I was surrounded by the necessary help and interest from the hosts.  The atmosphere was very good and I felt at home. My relationship with Field was also helpful as well as keeping in constant friendly contact with him. This week was one of the best times in my life and participating in the project allowed me to meet wonderful people like Pol and his parents and the project participants. The project has also allowed me to develop my English to a greater level as well as make it easier for me to communicate and after this week I actually feel stronger at English. The project has also opened up many new opportunities and possibilities and I would recommend it to anyone because it is an experience not to be forgotten.” Kacper

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