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To find out how common the problem of teenage depression in our school is, a survey was carried out and the following presentation of the results was made.


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What are the SMOG causes and the possible solutions to the problem in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain and Poland?CA

As coronavirus lockdowns continue, we asked teens how they cope with the situation. This is what they said.

"My name is Maja and I’m in the first grade of high school in Grójec, Poland.

If someone in January told me that two months later we will have to deal with a global coronavirus pandemic, I would never think that something like this will happen. But now it’s our reality and we have to adapt a new way of lifestyle. That’s how I cope with this situation.

At the beginning I was totally convinced that coronavirus is not that dangerous, but with the passing of time i realised that it is serious. The outbreak caused a lot of anxiety to me and my family. The panic was getting bigger and bigger because there were informations about coronavirus everywhere on the TV and the internet. It was hard to get used to staying at home for such a long time, but I managed to do it. Now I’m a little less stressed, but I’m worried about my parents that they will get infected when they go shopping. Also my plans for holidays and trips were cancelled, so I’m very upset about it.

Assembling a home-made device used to measure the air quality and level of SMOG was followed by installing the sensors and joining in the global LUFTDATEN measuring system. One device was installed in each of the schools taking part in the project. The devices were also installed in a few other places round the town of Grojec.

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The following presentations are on the following issues related to SMOG in each country: 

      What is SMOG and how serious is it in your country and local area? What are its causes? How does it affect people and the environment? What is done to prevent it? What is the policy of the government towards SMOG and related environment issues?


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The following presentations called “SMOG ALERT” presented what has been done Internationally / Nationally / Locally to solve the problem of SMOG.

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